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Actress Amber Benson as Amelie in the Morganvile webseries.

Nickname Ice Queen (Claire)
Gender Female
Date Of Birth Unknown
Age Frozen in 20s, real age is unknown
Home Morganville
Occupation Founder
Eye Colour Gray
Hair Colour Silvery Blonde
Bloodline Bishop (Father)

Sam Glass


First Appeared Glass Houses
Last Appearance Daylighters

Amelie is the Vampire Founder of Morganville. She is described to be a very short and lean woman with gray eyes and silvery blonde hair. She has a very cold personality towards other people and was even nicknamed "ice queen" by the series' main protagonist Claire Danvers.


Amelie is the Founder of Morganville. She created the town as a safe haven for vampires, where they can live alongside humans and they are safe from their biggest threat (the draug).

Her vampire and bloodline father is Bishop even though she hates him. She is also Claire's Patron.

She was the lover of Michael Glass's grandfather Sam Glass.

As with all vampires she looks very young but is around 1500 years of age. 

She becomes depressed after Sam's death, and has tried to kill herself. She eventually begins to fall in love with Oliver.

She is considered to be the high queen of Morganville. 

Amelie has shown throughout the series a connection to the main protagonist Claire; she seems to see Claire as a daughter. 

She is willing to do things Claire's way and she also shows a growing sense of affection for Claire as the series progresses, though she seldom shows it. 

She was willing to destroy Claire and Shane after they found out about a secret in Last Breath, before changing her mind to only destroying Shane - controlling Myrnin to do so.

She soon realises that this is a terrible descision and stops the process - but it is shown she would do anything to protect Morganville.

At the end of Last Breath, Amelie was bitten by the master draug, Magnus, and starts to become one in Black Dawn.

In Black Dawn, Amelie becomes a Draug but Oliver convinces her to destroy Magnus and she kills the draug inside her.

Name Origins / MeaningEdit

Amelie means Ambitious, Hardworking, and also Rival in French. 

Morganville Vampires: The SeriesEdit

Amelie was portrayed by the lovely Amber Benson in 'Morganville Vampires: The Series'. The webseries has been posted on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel, with most episodes reaching above 100K views.  

Tara Maclay

A sample photo of Amber Benson.

Trivia Edit

  • People who pledged $60 or higher on the Morganville kickstarter received a limited signed picture of Amber Benson in her Amelie costume and makeup.
  • The rest of the official cast actors can be found here 

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