Brandon — is a vampire.

Books Brandon Appears In Edit

About Edit

It’s only a matter of time before the vampires of Morganville notice Claire. Unfortunately being Monica’s enemy has already brought her under their scrutiny, one a particularly nasty piece of work named Brandon whom even Eve is fearful of.

In Glass Houses, after an incident win which Clare has acid thrown on her back in her chemistry class a shaken Shane meets with Brandon at Oliver's Common Ground coffee shop to make a deal. He agrees to allow Brandon to feed from him in return that Clare is left alone. Clare, Eve and Michael are appalled and Clare refuses to let Shane be humiliated. Clare wonders if they can offer a trade in return for Brandon leaving Shane alone and learns that the vampires have been searching for a secret book for centuaries which due to a spell placed on it's cover, they are unable to read. Glass Houses ~ Shelfari

Shane, Claire and Eve are appalled to learn from Amelie that Oliver was Brandon's boss all along. ~ 

Characters Aasociated with Him Edit

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