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Official actress Lindsay Seidel cast for Claire

Full Name  Claire Danvers
Gender Female
Date Of Brith -
Age 17
Home Morganville
Occupation Assistant to insane Vampire Myrnin
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Brown, slightly curled, dyed red at tips
Race Human
Romances Shane Collins
First Appearance Glass Houses
Last Appearance -

Claire is described as being small and fragile, also young-looking, with an intelligent face and trademark smile. She has brown eyes as well as brown hair that is slightly curled and has red dyed tips. 


Claire moved to Morganville to attend Texas Praire University. TPU, as it is known by the students, isn't a very good school on the whole, with most students dropping out after their first year, second year max. Claire only went because she was granted to leave high school and go to university younger, due to her remarkable intelligence and knowledge for all things science. She planned - and still plans - to go to MIT.

In Last Breath she is killed by Magnus.

In Feast of Fools Myrnin dresses her as Harlequin of Commedia dell'arte.

Storys/Chapters from her point of viewEdit

Name meaning/OriginEdit

Claire means clear, illuminated in French

Posible Future of ClaireEdit

she will marry shane

Family claire has her mum and dad who move to morganville but then her dad has a heart problem so they move back out Edit

Vampire -?????-Edit

In the short story All Hallows, Miranda said, 'One of us is going to be a vampire.' Eve replied, 'One of us already is' (meaning Michael). This was followed by the rather ominous line, 'Except that Miranda never forgot a thing like that'. It would make sense that it meant Claire, because Amelie, Myrnin & possibly even Oliver want her to become a vampire. She has come extremely close twice, but was stopped on both occasions:

  1. When Myrnin brought her back in Last Breath she had a choice of becoming a vampire or staying human. At first, she was going to pick to become a vampire, until Myrnin told her she would have to give up her relationship with Shane so she chose to remain human.
  2. In Black Dawn, Amelie wanted to turn Claire, regardless of Claire's feelings, but was stopped by Jason barging in.


Her Twitter:!/JailBaitClaire

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