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Official actor Ben Easter as Michael.

Full Name  Michael Glass


Gender Male
Date Of Birth -
Age Now Frozen at 19
Home Morganville
Occupation a 'Rock-star's' Edge
Eye Colour Baby blue
Hair Blond, long-ish,
Race Vampire
Romances Husband of Eve Rosser
First Appearance Glass Houses
Last Appearance -

Bio Edit

Morganville native and owner of the Glass House, is Shane Collins' best friend and Eve Rosser's boyfriend, and though he seems to enjoy flirting with Claire; for the most part he thinks of her as a little sister. 

He is 6'2 in height.

His grandfather, Sam Glass, is a vampire, but one with the best of intentions for the human residents of Morganville. After being attacked and left for dead by Oliver (who was attempting to turn him into a vampire, but failed) Michael is a "part of the house", meaning he is a ghost and cannot leave the house. To escape this, he is, after the events of The Dead Girls' Dance, turned into a vampire by Amelie. He likes to do a lot of dangerous things by himself throughout the series.

He is an amazing musician and in the book Kiss of Death he is offered a record deal, and a chance to leave Morganville. Michael it is revealed in Book 10 (Bite Club) he will soon marry Eve Rosser, his human girlfriend. He seems to not be comfortable of how a human and vampire can live together in marriage though. In Bitter Blood he kisses Claire Danvers and says to Eve and Shane "I have always wanted to do that" although at that time he was glamoured by Naomi and doesn't actually like Claire .

Name meaning/OriginEdit

Michael means Who is Like God in Old English, Czechoslovakian, Dutch, German & Scottish

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