Richard Morrell is the older brother of Monica Morrell. He's Chief of the Morganville Police Department, however later becomes Mayor, the successor to his own father.

Richard is familiar with all the residents of the Glass House, having supported them numerous times, often in life threatening situations. Some of these situations have called for Richard to go against his own family, particularly his sister.

Richard is probably one of the most respected humans in town, by both vampires and humans. He is protected by Oliver, as is his entire family.

It is known that Richard had once killed a vampire in Morganville, but was aquitted of this charge by the Vampire Council. Much of the circumstances that surround this incident remain unclear.

Upon becoming Mayor of Morganville, Richard also aquired a seat on the Elder's Council, along with The Founder, Amelie, her second, Oliver and the new police chief, Hannah Mosses This gives him an equal vote in the running of Morganville, and it's judicial system. However, on occasion, the opinions of the human Council members are not valued on the same level as Amelie or Oliver's, as they continue their struggle for control of the town.

In Last Breath, it is known that the lover Hannah mentioned in Ghost Town was, in fact, Richard.

He later dies in Black Dawn