Shane Collins
Species Human
Age 18/19/20
Status Alive
Family Frank Collins (Father)

Claire Danvers (Wife)

Eve Rosser (Best Friend/Roommate)

Michael Glass (Best Friend/Roommate)

Les Danvers (Father-in-Law)

Katherine Danvers (Mother-in-Law)

Appearances Glass Houses, The Dead Girls' Dance,

Midnight Alley, Feast of Fools, Lord of Misrule, Carpe Corpus, Fade Out, Kiss of Death, Ghost Town, Bite Club, Last Breath, Black Dawn, Bitter Blood, Fall of Night, Daylighters,

Physical Traits
Height 6'2"
Eye Color Brown lined with gold
Hair Color Brown Shaggy

Background and History Edit

Shane is a resident of Morganville, Texas. He currently lives in the Glass house, and is close friends with Eve Rosser and Micheal Glass.

Shane grew up in Morganville, so he knows about the vampires and how the town is run. He and his parents left Morganville after Monica had his house burned down, and his sister killed(Alyssa).

While leaving the town, the protective barrier around Morganville, whiped out all their memories of vampires.

Soon after leaving, Shane's mother began to remember her lost daughter and the tragedy that happened in their hometown. She asked Shane about a few things, and he began to remember.

After being away from his mother one day, Shane comes home to find his mother dead. Everything points to suicide, but Shane and his father know better. It was the Vampires.

Frank Collins falls in with Bikers and sends Shane back into the heart of vampire society to get plans for the destruction of Morganville.

Shane goes back, and gets back with his friends and getting back into the groove of Morganville, Claire shows up at the Glass house.

At the end of Glass Houses, he and Claire become boyfriend and girlfriend.

And at the end of Last Breath, they are possible fiances.

In Daylighters Claire and Shane get married.

Relationships Edit

Claire Danvers - Shane was Claire's boyfriend as of book 2, The Dead Girls' Dance. Was her fiance as of Fall of Night. And became her husband in Daylighters.

Eve Rosser - Another of Shane's friends and one of the main characters.

Michael Glass - Shane and Michael are Best Friends and have been for years, Michael is another of the main characters in the series.

Monica Morrell - Shane has a strong hatred of Monica as she is portrayed to have killed Shane's little sister in the house fire years ago, although before the fire occured he nearly dated her.

Claire's Parents - Claire's parents don't particularly like Shane because they think his is too old for her and will take advantage of her. They start to hate him even more when they find out that Shane and Claire have had sex. Claire's parents also think that Shane is weighing her down from doing great things.

Myrnin - Shane as of Bite Club has started to resent Claire and Myrnin's relationship as student-teacher. Shane can be territorial of Claire and doesn't like Claire being close friends with vampire mad-scientist, Myrnin.