Vampires are one of the two main species (the other being human) present throughout the Morganville Vampires series. They ruthlessly run the town of Morganville and all residents (apart from the college students that aren't from Morganville, with the sole exception to this rule being Claire) are aware of the existence of vampires. Various vampires hold jobs such as Oliver as the owner of Common Grounds coffee shop and Amelie as The Founder of Morganville and she is in charge of vampire affairs and several vampires work as police officers. Several vampires such as Brandon and Oliver serve as Patrons to some of the local human families meaning they are supposed to protect the family in question from attacks from other vampires in return for blood donations via the blood bank and a proportion of their wages.

Biography Edit

Characteristics Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Immortality:
    • Accelerated Regeneration:
      • Inhuman Durability:
  • Preternatural Strength:
  • Preternatural Speed:

Vulnerabilities Edit

List of Vampires in the Morganville UniverseEdit

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